Preventative Dentistry in Santa Rosa

Preventive Dentistry in Santa Rosa, CA

When your oral health is thriving, your whole body wellness improves along with it. Dr. Sean Wilson partners with you to cultivate strong oral hygiene habits so you can set your smile up for long-term success. And by scheduling regular checkups, he’ll provide all the preventive treatments you need to maintain a strong, healthy smile for life.

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preventative dentist in Santa Rosa

Preventive Dentistry

Diagnostic & Prevention

At Sean Wilson DDS, our expertly trained staff provide thorough evaluations and cleanings to detect any issues at their earliest stages. By taking a proactive approach, we can not only preserve your beautiful smile, but also prevent more serious and costly problems from developing. Allow us to elevate your dental care experience and ensure that your teeth and gums remain healthy for a lifetime.

During your first appointment, you will meet with Dr. Wilson to go over all X-rays, photographs, and examination findings, and discuss any identified issues and available treatment options.

preventative dentist in Santa Rosa, CA

Preventive Dentistry

Cleaning & Hygiene

Scheduling a cleaning and hygiene appointment every 6 months is crucial in maintaining your oral health. During your cleaning, one of our team members will gently yet thoroughly polish your teeth and gums to remove any plaque or debris. Minor stains can be reversed during your cleaning, keeping your smile sparkling and bright.

Santa Rosa preventative dentist

Preventive Dentistry

Digital X-Rays

Our state-of-the-art digital x-rays capture crisp, high-resolution images of your mouth’s structure, allowing Dr. Wilson to make an accurate diagnosis and craft a tailored treatment plan. Most patients receive one or two full sets of x-rays every year, but we may recommend additional imaging if we discover an issue that requires further investigation. Keep in mind that digital x-rays expose you to much less radiation than traditional film x-rays.

Santa Rosa emergency dentist

Preventive Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry

Dental emergencies can be painful, stressful experiences, but we're here to help with immediate care. If you're experiencing a dental emergency, the first thing to do is take a deep breath and give us a call. Dr. Wilson offers same-day, after-hours, and weekend appointments to get you out of pain fast. Get the care you need when you need it most at Sean Wilson DDS.

Periodontal Care in Santa Rosa, CA

Preventive Dentistry

Periodontal Care

Gum disease can have serious effects on your oral and overall health, but the Sean Wilson DDS team is here to help. Through a variety of periodontal treatments including deep cleanings, we’ll do everything we can to keep periodontal disease from compromising your smile. If your gums are inflamed or bleed easily, if you have persistent bad breath, sensitive teeth, or notice any changes in your bite, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

preventative dentist in santa rosa, CA

Preventive Dentistry

Sleep Apnea Solutions

If excessive snoring is keeping you from enjoying a peaceful night’s sleep, Dr. Wilson is here to help with tailor-made SomnoMed appliances. Compared to CPAP, SomnoMed is significantly more comfortable to wear each night. It simply glides onto your teeth, gently cradling and supporting each tooth without any invasive masks. Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to restful, rejuvenating sleep with the SomnoMed appliance from Dr. Wilson!

Santa rosa preventative dentist

Preventive Dentistry

Night Guards

Do you wake up with jaw pain? If so, you may be clenching or grinding your teeth while you sleep. Our custom-made night guards create a cushion between your teeth that protects them from grinding-related damage. In addition to night guards, Dr. Wilson also offers Botox to help alleviate any lingering jaw tension and pain. Dr. Wilson always says that night guards are the best insurance policy you can get for your teeth! Get in touch with us to learn more about your options.

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Tooth enamel is the hardest part of your entire body.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out these frequently asked questions, or call us to speak with our team.

What Is a Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride treatment is a preventive dental treatment procedure for protecting your teeth from tooth decay and remineralizing decayed portions of your name. The treatment involves applying a highly concentrated fluoride varnish on the teeth. This creates a protective barrier and promotes teeth remineralization.

We recommend fluoride treatments for children to protect them from dental caries, given their liking for sugary food. Adults can also benefit immensely from fluoride treatments, especially those prone to tooth decay.

What Is the Difference Between a Regular Cleaning and Deep Cleaning?

Proper oral hygiene is crucial for the health and strength of your teeth and gums. Both regular and deep cleaning are essential to a proper oral hygiene regimen. However, while both clean the teeth and gums, they’re completely different.

Regular cleaning, or prophylaxis, centers on the removal of plaque and tartar from the enamel’s surface and the gum line. We employ scalers and ultrasonic devices to ensure thorough cleansing of the teeth. Our dentists recommend scheduling regular cleaning every six months to get rid of plaque and stubborn stains that are beyond your toothbrush. 

Deep cleaning, on the other hand, involves more intricate cleaning and is recommended for patients with, or showing early signs, of gum disease. It’s more intensive than regular cleaning and involves the removal of plaque and debris both above and below the gum line. They involve cleaning procedures like scaling and root planing, which smoothes out areas on the enamel that may harbor bacteria.

How Often Should You See a Dentist?

We recommend seeing your dentist at least twice a year or every six months to maintain proper oral health and identify early signs of dental complications before they get out of hand. However, the dentist will assess your oral health condition and determine how frequently you should visit them.

While visiting the dentist every six months is an excellent thumb rule, it’s not ideal for everyone. Certain groups of people are more predisposed to dental complications or require close monitoring by the dentist. As such, they must schedule more frequent dental visits to safeguard their dental health. Visiting the dentist every three to four months should suffice for patients in this particular group.

Pregnant women, for instance, require more closely-spaced dental visits than other groups. That’s because hormonal changes during pregnancy can make them more prone to periodontal diseases, specifically pregnant gingivitis. Pregnant women with gingivitis before their pregnancies have it worse since pregnancy worsens the conditions, necessitating much more frequent dental visits.

Chronic smokers should also see their dentist more often than other groups. Smoking is incredibly detrimental to your dental health. For starters, smoking compromises the body’s immune system, crippling its ability to fight bacteria that causes gum disease. It also accelerates tooth loss, stains the teeth yellow, and could cause mouth cancer.

That said, smokers should consider seeing their dentists every three months to ensure the strength, health, and proper aesthetic of their teeth. The same goes for diabetics and people who are genetically prone to tooth decay and gum disease.

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